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What is Personal Injury Law?

While Attorney Bart typically operates as a criminal defense attorney, personal injury law typically has to do with torts, or civil law. A main difference between civil and criminal law is that civil law cases typically end in lawsuits rather than incarceration.
One call to Attorney Bill Bart can secure you excellent legal representation in personal injury cases that can include auto accidents, negligence, and more.

If someone injures you, do not hesitate! Call Attorney Bill Bart today at (207) 945-6111 or contact him online for more information.

Attorney Bill Bart Can Defend You

in Civil Lawsuits

If you are an individual or business who is facing a lawsuit for a personal injury case regarding negligence or an accident, call Attorney Bill Bart for excellent legal representation from an experienced defense attorney. Civil lawsuits regarding personal injury can be a tedious process, so it is imperative that an experienced attorney represents you professionally. If you have been injured in a personal injury case, Attorney Bill Bart can represent you in areas of accidents and negligence in cases of:

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on Civil Law Defense

Being involved in a civil lawsuit regarding personal injury can be a tremendous pain to your time, reputation, and wallet, so why would you proceed without the legal expertise of Attorney Bill Bart? Attorney Bart has been serving the citizens of the Bangor, ME area for 15 years, and will work diligently to represent his clients in personal injury cases.
If you are injured in an accident involving personal injury negligence or accidents, such as auto accidents or injuries on your property or place of business, call Attorney Bart today and start on the journey to winning your case!

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